some midnight mood

So let me just preface this post with a "it's good to be back." I feel like I've been slightly neglectful towards the blog lately but I have my excuses. Plus, its only been a week or so. I guess I can't part with it for any longer.

I recently became a full-time employee as a designer for a home-building company. It has been an exhausting week but rewarding at the same time. It's fun to go to 'work' and do something you love. We've had a lot of biggish changes happen within the last couple weeks all at once. We found and purchased a second car (about time I know, I finally needed a way to get myself to work everyday), we're moving TOMORROW, I started my job, and to top it all off we have to send off our business taxes. Not a taxes fan. I'm not going to complain about the rest of the insanity though, I really sort of enjoy it all happening at once. So enough of the excuses right?

Point of the whole story is.. I have not had a lot of time to write or design for the blog. When I do have extra time to think about it, it's pretty dark outside. I may even dream about it.. how fitting. I've been dreaming or staring out my dark window fantasizing over dramatic dark blacks and glittering golds. I loove this mixture of texture and pattern all brought together with a 'can't go wrong' color scheme. I'm completely crushing on the flatware and the beautiful leather side chair. And how much do you love the bold, netural patterns with perfect finishing touches of gold?

Just some midnight mood for a good night's sleep!