apartment inspiration

  So we have some exciting news.... we moved! We finally have a place all to ourselves! It's a beautiful apartment overlooking the entire Utah Valley. We get to enjoy the sunset out of our (brand new) studio's windows on a daily basis. It is pretty incredible.

I was definitely aching to have my own space to manipulate and design. My environment has a huge impact on the amount of work I get done, my ability to feel inspired, keeping to-do lists straight and frankly my sanity. I am beyond excited to get down and dirty in order to create a space that's exactly the way I want it to be. This is really our first opportunity to express exactly who we are as designers. It may be a slow process, but it's a comin! We will keep you updated with any major (or minor depending on my enthusiasm) accomplishments in our apartment. We hope to inspire you and give you some good ideas to improve your home/apartment/whatever space you live in most.

I wanted to kick off this new endeavor with an inspiration board that has been stewing in my head for the last several days. We love our warm neutrals mixed with contemporary charcoals and whites. We consider our personal design style to be contemporary, sophisticated and warm with a twist of funky. I love to add in little pieces of interest around a space, in fact those funky touches are usually what completes a space. I also love the bold graphics that contradict with the natural finishes and warm materials. Oh I'm so excited!

So stay tuned and check back regularly for our apartment progress. Here we go!