love them with a card

  I just have to say. I loooove Valentine's day! I always have. I think I mentioned before that we grew up with a Valentine's day surprise from my parents every year waiting for us at the breakfast table. They sure knew how to make me feel loved. I was always so proud to wear the new piece of jewelry I received proudly to school to let the other boys know I was already taken care of. I didn't need a man anyway.

Well now I do, and I don't know what I'd do without him. I love having an extra excuse to tell him how much I love him. Sappy I know. One of my favorite ways to do so is to write notes and give cards. There is just something special about a handwritten message that tells them exactly how you feel. And I love it when he writes me cute love notes (hint hint). It might even make me emotional sometimes. Me emotional? Psshhh.

So give into the cheesiness this year and surprise your loved ones with a cute Valentine's card, or go crazy and mail everyone you know a handwritten note. I still send out Valentine's to my friends. I can't really let go of the good old days when I got to design an extravagant box, take it school, and watch it being filled to the top with treats and love notes. You're never to old for Valentine's Day.