vibe: refreshing green

If you're like me, when the first green blades of grass start to poke through the melting snow.. you want to throw a summer party and pull out your swimsuit. Seeing the first new greens of spring is so refreshing and inspiring! It means new growth, new beginnings, and new life. We really resonate with that this year with the whole - starting a new business - thing. I am feeling good about this year and about the growth that we're working for.

Also, we have been busy working in the yard to prep/build our first ever garden. In the plan are some raised garden beds, a modern fence, and lots and lots of veggies. I never thought I'd want a garden so badly, but I am so excited to plant a few seeds and help them grow. :) 

Refreshing Green Vibe | Akin Design Studio

And don't forget St. Patrick's day is coming.. green inspiration all around!

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