green with envy

I'm a little sad we didn't get this posted yesterday. To me, this post is a St. Patrick's Day treat! Emerald interiors have always caught my eye. The rich, saturated hue is unique and relaxing all at the same time. Just like bringing actual greenery indoors, I feel like using the color also brings any space to life. And mixed with gold.... kill me now... it's so good.

We hope you had a wonderful holiday yesterday, that you found something green in your closet to wear, and that you enjoyed some delicious corned beef and cabbage. I had my very first taste of corned beef yesterday. It was... well... let's just say I'll keep it to a once a year thing.

Modern Emerald Green Kitchen Design | Akin Design Studio
Emerald Green and Gold Living Room Design
Emerald Green Dining Room Design | Upholstered Wall

This upholstered dining wall is crazy good. I love how these horizontal channels are the star of the show when paired with a simple light fixture and understated furniture.

Eclectic Living Room Design | Green Tufted Sofa
Emerald and Gold Kitchen Design

Solid brass backsplash? Yes please!

Modern Green Kitchen Design

We're also hoping this post will help convince all of the new buds on the trees that it's time to come out and blossom. They are so close to opening up and turning green I can hardly stand it! We are so excited for spring!


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