on trend: outdoor fireplaces

It's about that time of year that we start making our way back outside again.  The coldest months of the year are behind us, and we're all antsy to start soaking in the sun again!  We've found that an outdoor fireplace is a great feature to help us all transition back outside again as early as possible without freezing. Here are a few of our favorite styles that are making us quite giddy to spend those cooler evenings in the great outdoors again!

Modern Outdoor Fireplace

We're really digging this vertical modern fireplace!  Symmetry is winning in this space, and the simple yet impressive fireplace design positioned at the end of this grand corridor has us all heart eyes.  Although modern in style, the minimal stepped-in architecture of this fireplace gives it a timeless look that isn't going anywhere soon.  

Transitional Outdoor Fireplace
Transitional Outdoor Fireplace & Living Area

These transitional beauties are grand in  height while complimenting their outdoor surroundings perfectly.  Wood burning fireplaces indoors are becoming more rare as they are messy and take time to start.  The conveniences of having a fire at the flip of a switch has become the preferred option for most, and I don't blame them. However, wood burning outdoor fireplaces are hanging in there for the long run.  Although gas is now prevalent in many outdoor settings, there is something to be said about cozy-ing up to a wood burning fireplace, listening to  the crackle of the wood as you relax the night away chatting with good company. 

Contemporary Linear Outdoor Fireplace
Modern Outdoor Linear Stone Fireplace

These linear fireplaces clad in stone give a more contemporary vibe while still tying back to nature.  The balance of modernity and naturalism works well in outdoor spaces for those of you who want an updated look to your outdoor space (perhaps to compliment the style of your home) without it going too cold. 

Outdoor Desert Firepit & Living Area

Of course we can't forget a good old fire-pit. Coming in at the most affordable option, a fire-pit doesn't have to sacrifice on style.  Branching out from the standard 30" round circle into a more unique and larger shape will give you a custom look that is specific to your style and home.  Let us not forget that with every side available for seating, the fire-pit brings the party allowing the largest number of guests to take advantage of it's warmth.  

Hopefully this will get you excited about the warmer months ahead, and to start taking advantage of your outdoor fireplace today. We hope you love these inspirational images as much as we do.  Now go enjoy the great outdoors!

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