winter photos

Many thanks to the amazing Brad and Eliesa Findeis for these beautiful winter photos. It was a freeeezing day but we survived and were even able to catch some sunlight. Standing out in the cold was suddenly worth it when we received these beauties. I had been wanting to send out a Christmas card for several months but never quite got around to it. So last minute we got it all together and sent them out. I ended up being grateful the photos had been postponed for the sake of the snow. We wouldn't have had any white on the ground if I had been on top of things. Less talk and more photos… 

I loved a card I saw from Ruffled Ink and wanted to create a similar look. I created a plaid pattern to match my flannel button-up for the backside of the card and included a hand-drawn mistletoe and heart for the main feature of the card. We love how it turned out!

We hope you had a very happy holiday season and look forward to bringing you more design and inspiration this coming year. I am so excited for the ideas that keep popping into my head and definitely am grateful for this meaningful place to post them. We are grateful for your support and for your time you take to read our blog! Thank you thank you! Happy New Year!