vibe: winter whites

When winter rolls around each year I tend to feel a little discouraged. We both love to run, and we primarily run outdoors. So when the temperature starts to drop, my heart does a little too. This year we have our baby Wren that we can't take out in that frigid weather resulting us in taking turns going for runs. This means I am usually on my own to face the freezing winter weather.

However, I was on a run a few days ago in the beautiful hills of Alpine and I felt extremely grateful for winter. The world is so very quiet this time of year especially when the snow is softly falling. In fact, I can not think of many times that life has been more peaceful. It gives my brain a lot of space to think clearly. And when that sun of ours comes out reflecting over the blankets of snow.. well... there is nothing better. I ran up on the trails above the city tromping trough shin-deep snow with a huge grin on my face. You would have died laughing if you saw me.

Winter Whites Inspiration | Akin Design Studio

So this winter, I'm feeling a renewed sense of gratitude for the beauty of nature and of God's creations. I love the inspiring textures and peaceful sounds of winter. After all, the days are already getting longer and spring is slowly on its way, so let's enjoy winter while we can!