on trend: over-sized hardware

Budgets go fast when building or re-modeling a new home.  What tends to happen is that some of the last details we decide on end up getting the lowest budget since the money has already been spent somewhere else.  This is unfortunate, because at Akin we believe it is the details that make a design stand above the rest.  One of these fun and important details is the hardware in your home.  Whether it's on cabinets, doors or drawers, you have an opportunity to really make that part of your home something special! 

We're currently loving over-sized hardware, in a variety of applications.  Below we have put together some of our favorite pieces that we've had our eye on as of late, and we think you'll fall in love with them too, take a peek!

Currently Loving: Over-sized Hardware - Matte Black Cabinet Pull
hardware 2.jpg
Currently Loving: Over-sized Hardware - Large Door pull by Tom Kundig
Currently Loving: Over-sized Hardware - Cabinet Pulls by Tom Kundig

What is especially unique about these hardware pulls is that they each have their own touch and feel when using them.  The micro-diamond crossing pattern on the first image creates a nice grip where-as the over-sized cylindrical steel pull by Tom Kundig is a real handful, almost too wide to get your hand around.  Both of these are successful in their own right however, as they provide a unique experience to residents of the home they reside in. 

It's important to coordinate the hardware throughout your home to create a cohesive design and feel.  However, next time you're in need of hardware, don't be afraid to try something out of the ordinary that will really elevate the interiors (and exteriors) of your home to the next level! 


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