vibe: rich and warm

Is anyone else having a hard time dealing with life now that the holidays are over? I build up so much hope and excitement for the month of December that once it's gone.. I'm left with an empty looking house and nothing to look forward to. The truth is we have a whole new year to look forward to but that doesn't ever seem sufficient. Like always, I've consumed my time with getting re-organized and setting too many goals. Organization always lifts my moods ever so slightly. It also seems to make my brain tick a little bit faster. Give me a week and I'll be back to normal.

Adding to our spirits around here was the flu bug. Just about everyone that gathered together for the holiday came down with something. I, being the lucky (no immune system) type of girl that I am, got about three different bugs right in a row. I feel like I've been sick for months, which isn't true in any degree, but that's what I tell myself. It has given me a bit of extra time to reflect on my life- what I'm doing well, and what I want to do better. It also gave me time to try to re-inspire myself for the new year. I browsed through too many inspiration photos and created some fun vibes that we will be sharing with you throughout the next month or two.

This vibe contains the simple and modern lights and darks as well as rich, warm tones that can bring a little life to any party. If you are the type that loves neutrals but need to feel warm and comfortable, this is the color story for you. I feel that any space feels more complete when it feels rich and warm. And as always, this mix of textures makes our hearts skip a beat with its luxe fur throw versus the clean wooden table top.

All in all, despite my attitude right this minute, we are so very thrilled for everything the new year will bring. We are so grateful for all of the opportunities that come are way and more excited for the ones to come. Happy New Year!