jean louis deniot paris apartment

We've had our eyes on Jean Louis Deniot and his unforgettable work for a while now.. it's about time we feature some of his work. I am naturally drawn towards his style. Something about it is extremely magnetic and somewhat luring. I found myself printing off several of his images as inspiration for a project at work without even realizing it was all his. His work stands out because of its uniqueness and ingenuity.

I love the mix of furniture styles and shape. The contrast between bold contemporary pieces and those that feel found and collected is bordering that of genius. Of all the spaces in the home, the bedroom seems to call my name more loudly. The light fixture commands attention but easily gets along with the rest of its friends in the room. The fluidity of the rug pattern is a gentle grounding of the bold lines up above. All elements in this space are balanced while fighting each other just enough to make it one-of-a-kind. Can you tell I love his work?

We believe it is always important to remain involved and educated within the world of design. It is important to me to find constant inspiration and a renewed drive for what I do. Jean Louis Deniot seems to do just that. Check out his website here for even more amazing spaces, the most recent are some of my favorite!