kitchen update

Here is a little peek into what we've updated in our kitchen! This stemmed from the 'hello wall garden' that we created about a month ago. It's a fun way to bring greenery into your home (the kind you don't have to pay much attention to). We placed it on this wall because you can see it when you walk through our front door. Fitting for a 'hello' sign right? It welcomes me home every day after work.

We added a shelf below to display some of our favorite kitchen accessories. This cookbook was one of my proudest moments as a wife to date. Griffin saw this book at Alice Lane and immediately fell in love. He loves bread, don't we all? He was so interested in figuring out how to bake artisan bread from home. I also loved the idea of him baking artisan bread from home. :) He was so sad to find out it had been sold out, little did he know I had stowed one away to give as a birthday present. He was so happy when he opened this gift! He'd even take it to the pool to read on our days off. So this book goes front and center on our new kitchen shelf.

Why the bowls? I may or may not eat cereal and milk almost every morning. It's an easy grab when I'm still half asleep. We're also in love with this cutting board. It is pretty gorgeous.

What items do you like to keep out in your kitchen? I'm a little bit crazy about keeping my counters clean, so this was good way to add a little design to the space. Let us know what you do!