ali canye west village townhome

Ok ok, I just recently found Brittany Ambridge, an interior photographer, and I can't believe it has been until now that I came across her work. Not only is the photography stunning, but the content is too. I spent way too much time pouring over the gorgeous interiors on her website.

This residence, in particular, caught my attention. I've seen some of these images floating around pinterest and I loved them all before I knew they all belonged to the same home. The way the aesthetic flows through the house is near seamless. Every space has its own individual personality yet meshes with the surrounding spaces in one way or another. One constant was the color scheme. Golds, darks, and warm wood tones will always be gorgeous together!

This gallery wall on the left is the way to do a gallery wall. Done up to perfection!

This bathroom is one of the images I fell in love with quite a while ago. The contrasting dark grout with light subway tile caught my eye and I've liked it ever since. Mixed with a playful pattern and a soft pink accessory makes this bathroom a perfect balance between feminine and fun.

Dishes have never looked so good. And there's that constrasting grout again.

Can we talk about this bedroom for a minute? Also the wood floors.. amazing! I am head over heels about the black wall and bedside desk. The ceiling fixture is just icing on top of this gorgeous, spunky, indie cake. There is a reason neutrals are always in fashion, and this is it.

Inspiration like this sometimes ends up being the only thing that keeps me going through to the end of the week. Hope you enjoyed it!

All images by Brittany Ambridge