how to make your bed magazine worthy

Your bed is quite possibly the most important piece of furniture you'll ever own.  Getting a good or bad nights sleep can affect every aspect of your life (physical, mental, social, emotional, etc).  So why not make  your bed the most comfortable and inviting space in your house? Stephanie and I feel strongly about this, so today we're sharing our tips on how to make your bed feel like you're sleeping in a 5 star hotel bed every night, and look like it belongs in the next issue of Elle Decor.

Black Leather Bed with White Bedding


Obviously this comes down to personal style, but starting with a bed frame you love is key to making you fall in love with your bed.  Choose a frame that is unique to your lifestyle, but also keep in mind you're going to be living with it for awhile, so make sure it's not overly opinionated and something you'll get tired of looking at in a year or so.

Canopy Bed Frame in Transitional Bedroom

*for a room with high ceilings, and canopy bed frame is a great option that helps your bed feel cozy in a large space.


Once again, a very personal decision!  We all have different needs when sleeping, but a good mattress that fits your body type and sleeping habits is key to comfort.  Two companies that seem to be doing the mattress business right is Casper and Tuft and Needle.  If you're lost in a world of varying mattresses and can't even begin to make a decision, do yourself a favor and check either of these guys out.  

Tuft & Needle Mattress

*also remember the age-old rule of changing your mattress every 8 years, ain't nobody like sleeping in a bed of dead skin particles.  Also, don't forget a mattress pad to protect your new favorite mattress!

Okay, on to the more exciting things, top-of-bed!


After being in the industry for several years, we've heard unanimous opinions that Belgian linen sheets are the way to go; and we'd have to agree.  Although more expensive than your average cotton sheet, linen provides many added benefits to a great nights sleep, temperature control being the primary benefit.  Quality linen will keep you warm in the winter, and cool in the summer.  This is perfect for those of us living in a place that has distinct seasons year around.  Linen sheets can be purchased at a variety of retail locations today, like here and here.  However, I will say some of the finest linen in the world is produced by a company called Libeco Linen.  Don't believe me? Just watch this video here, and you'll have an entirely new appreciation for linen!  Their linen is made from the longest fibers of flax grown in Normandy, France (which has the most ideal growing conditions for flax) and then spun in Belgium.  The price point of their linen bedding is higher than average but with reason. Because the flax fibers are longer, the sheets are more durable and will last longer than other linen bedding from typical retail locations. A personal Libeco favorite can be found for purchase here.

Linen Bedding Neutral Bed


Nearly every successful bedding situation I've seen has at least 2 of these 3 ingredients. Layering here is the key factor.  To make your own bed look and feel luxurious like a St. Regis bed would be, try incorporating one of these duo's - a coverlet and a duvet, or a coverlet and a throw.  If you're in a colder climate, consider a duvet with a heavy down insert.  If living in a warm climate, a light coverlet and bed throw should be sufficient for your comfort throughout the night.


One major variation I've seen on beds throughout the pages of design magazines, is the number and size of pillows on a bed.  A more formal look would be to have 3 Euro shams against your headboard and 2-3 decorative pillows in front of that which correspond with the bedding.  

Transitional Bedroom Light and Airy

If you'd prefer a more casual feel for your bed, try stacking your sleeping pillows (cases matching your sheets) laying flat on your bed against your headboard, with one or two unique pillows leaning against them.  This will give you a more edited and minimal feel to your room, while still evoking a sense of comfort, relaxation and rest.  

Black and White Bedroom

We hope that you will be able to incorporate each of these steps into your own bedroom to make it a place that you look forward to climbing into every night.  With the right layers, textures and materials, you can make your own bed worthy of the style and comfort of the bedrooms you love in the top design magazines.


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