holiday dinner party

We've been itching to put together another fall tablescape since we had so much fun doing one last fall. This year we decided to collaborate with My Meadowbrook Home, run by Susie McCabe, a very talented cook in the kitchen who runs her own catering business. We were very fortunate to come together with her expertise to create an excellent dinner for an intimate group!

Now, here at Griffanie we're all about mixing hi's and low's within a space or setting. Or in other words, mixing some higher price point items with some less-expensive ones (or even handmade items which = free!), and this tablescape is no exception! We wanted to create a warm-woodsy/rustic atmosphere for this smaller private dinner to really make everyone feel at home. By pulling together a variety of textures and materials that complimented each other, I think we accomplished just what we were looking for!

We loved these white and gold patterned hurricanes from target. Two of them helped ground the center of the table along with one of our favorite cutting boards purchased from Alice Lane. We brought in our own handmade element by adding these small twig mini-wreaths around the bases of the hurricanes for a striking contrast in texture from the clean white pierced hurricanes.

We also made some contrasting runners and placed them perpendicular to the table to switch things up a little bit from your standard center table runner. We loved the dark linen fabric we found and how it paired so well with the marbled runner down the middle.

Stephanie had a good time designing this fun menu for the evening meal; playing off of the wing dish vibe we had going on the table.

It's always a good idea to bring in a natural element to your tablescape, and this time we did that by adding a couple sprigs of greenery to the rolled flatware at each setting. A fun small touch that makes a big impact visually.

We usually try to choose neutral serveware as to not take away from the beautiful food that is being served. In this case, the off-white platter with the gold rim was the perfect fit for these delicious bruschetta!

Needless to say, it was a fun night filled with delicious food and great company. See the recipe for this amazing chicken dish here! We hope you will try and bring some different elements, textures, and materials into your tablescapes this holiday season. A little effort really does go along way to help make that family gathering extra special for your favorite people to enjoy. Thanks for reading! We wish you a great beginning to this happy holiday season! Cheers -