christmas dinner

I can't believe this season has gone by so fast! It happens every year leaving me wanting more. So these last couple of days I'm am committed to taking the time to enjoy every minute. Right now I am sitting on my sofa with the fireplace on, christmas music playing, tree lights sparkling, and my husband wrapping gifts. Does that not sound perfect? These are the types of moments I need to relish in. Our life is so good! We are so incredibly blessed.

One of these favorite moments this year was hosting this Christmas dinner at our home. We had some of our loveliest friends from work over for dinner as well as the Alpine Christmas Concert. The night really introduced that Christmas spirit into my life like nothing else. Music and good food... again.. does that not sound perfect? It's incredible to me how many happy moments we have in our lives if we take the time to think back on them. Anyway.. if you can't tell I absolutely love everything about this season.. I do.

I hope you've had a jolly holiday season. If not, you still have time! Enjoy those little moments and make some unforgettable memories wherever you are. Merry Christmas from Griffanie!!