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It's Love Month! Happy February! I've said it before, but I'm a sucker for holidays and Valentine's Day is no exception! This year my heart is full not only with love for my family but with love for what we get to do. I'm a firm believer that if you're passionate about what you do, you are going to find success. I'm so grateful that we are fortunate enough to create a life around something we both love- design!

We both fell into design unexpectedly. Griffin thought he might study business, and I was headed toward engineering. I don't think it was a coincidence that we both found each other while studying at Utah State and also found our careers. First day he walked into class... I knew I was in the right place :) 

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I really think the thing that makes me so passionate about design is the ability to create on a regular basis, and through that, help others.  As far as creating goes, I believe everyone has the innate desire to create. That desire might look like a novel for a writer, food for a chef, or even spreadsheets for an accountant, but whatever it is, it gives a sense of pride to take some responsibility for the outcome. 

Improving people's lives makes design fulfilling long-term. When we are truly able to help our clients live happier, more comfortable and more efficient lives I feel the most successful. There is nothing like a client beaming from ear to ear after a presentation telling us we nailed it telling us that this is the space they've always imagined but couldn't complete by themselves. Or maybe what's even better is hearing how much they absolutely love to be home, hearing that they are excited to return after a day of running errands so that they can spend time with their loved one in a space that is all their own, that feels good, and that serves the right purpose.

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We also love being in the business of forming relationships. We consider our clients some of our greatest friends and we find a lot of joy in going to work every day with our friends.

Last of all, we really just love design. I get way too excited when I see a new chair introduced to market or an unexpected finish on a light fixture. It's what we dream about at night and brainstorm about in our time off. A home is like a huge blank canvas that we stare at while imagining the possibilities for its future. We are that crazy couple who loves the whole process of building or renovating homes time and time again.

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So here's to love month! We hope you fill your month doing things that make you happy and spending time with people you love!

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