on trend: statement gardens

Today we've gathered for you some of our favorite gardens we've seen going around the web! From lush grass landscapes to meandering wooden pathways, these statement gardens have definitely caught our attention. Check out the trends we see going on in the great outdoors this season!

Statement Gardens: tall grassy landscapes with concrete paver walkways | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 1: Lush grasses - tall grasses of varying height and species provides an interesting textural backdrop to your garden.  Not to mention grasses typically are very low maintenance and great for xeriscaping.

Statement Gardens: meandering wooden walkways | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 2: Meandering wooden pathways - something about a raised pathway through a lush garden makes you feel like you're walking through a jungle nature reserve. If you're one to have lots of plants in your garden, make sure you can access the various areas of your yard with a unique pathway so you can really enjoy and take advantage of every part of your garden.

Statement Gardens: inlaid Corten steel pathway | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 3: Inlaid metal walkway - As if a cool wooden pathway isn't enough, spice things up by inlaying corten steel into your walkway for extra interest! Varying the material of your walkways from your patio/deck is a common design element to distinguish traffic areas from relaxing or sitting areas. Not a bad idea to incorporate this element into one of your own spaces!

Statement Garden: sculptures | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 4:  Sculpture gardens - Whenever I see outdoor sculptures I think of the numerous gardens Stephanie and I walked through while we were traveling through various countries in Western Europe. They LOVE their sculpture gardens! The contrast between an organic landscape and solid steel or stone objects make for a very interesting focal point in your garden, not to mention it makes you look like an art connoisseur!

Statement Gardens: glass and steel garden door entrance | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 5: Glass & iron doorways - That's right, not only have black iron framed windows and doorways swept over the world of interiors over the last several years; they've started making their way outdoors as well and we're not going to complain! This style of doorway into your garden gives you a chance to showoff your hard work to onlookers walking by while still providing a sense of security to your backyard. This combo is definitely a winner in our book!

Statement Gardens: cozy outdoor seating nooks | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 6: Intimate sitting areas - instead of arranging all of your outdoor furniture on your back patio, try dispersing a bench or comfortable sofa throughout your yard to create intimate sitting areas for two.  Add some soft ambient lighting and it will become your new favorite go-to spot to enjoy the evening outdoors!

Statement Gardens: linear fountains | Akin Design Studio Blog

Trend 7: Unique water features - outdoor water features have been around for thousands of years.  Today landscape designers are coming up with fresh ways to incorporate the natural element into their clients spaces.  Simple features like this low linear water feature provides an added element of peace and interest to your garden.  Whether extravagant or simple in nature, water features aren't going anywhere anytime soon!  

Thanks for reading, and don't be afraid to incorporate some of these trends into your own outdoor space this season, you won't regret it!

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