just married


Drum roll........ We're finally posting some pics from our very own wedding and the very best day of our lives. We can't even believe its been almost a year! Has anyone ever told you that the first year of marriage is the hardest? Well we're living proof that it's totally your choice. In fact, I (Stephanie) think its been the best year of my life! Having someone always there for you makes everything just a little bit easier. Yeah sure - there are adjustments, yeah - not everything is absolutely perfect, yeah - we have to sleep with a fan on to block out the snoring, but our attitude about life is what determines our happiness. I (Stephanie) am still figuring that out but I'm trying my best. Plus, I really did get lucky. If there is ever any unneeded drama, well, it's mostly my fault. You might be thinking, they are totally still in the honeymoon phase. I won't deny it. It's not my fault my husband is so stinkin cute.


We were married in the Salt Lake Temple on November 2, 2012. 9:40 AM to be exact. I couldn't believe how good it felt to have all of the people who love and support us together in one spot, just to see us. To be honest, I'd love to get married all over again.

↑ Love these black and whites. Mmmmmhmmm ↑

Our cake was made by Kayley at Le Cordon Q. She literally created EXACTLY what I had in mind. All white, simple ruffles, and contemporary. It was perfect. Some of my favorite pieces were the custom-built arrow marquee, the wooden stumps, and my baby's breath. Love that stuff.

Griff and I built the wooden piece with our names. We purchased a 8'x 4' piece of wood from Home Depot. I drew the letters, and Griff went to work with his saw. The maid of honor and I spent the night before the wedding painting. Talk about last minute. Now she's on her mish.. miss her like crazy.

We ended the night with some dancing and bologna covered car windows... and a tow-away. Don't ask.

We owe a HUGE thanks to Travis J Photography. He is truly the most amazing photographer I have yet to work with. I highly suggest him for your big day.