wreaths for the naturalist

Last night Griffin and I were able to go to the Lower Lights concert in Salt Lake City. I'd never heard of them before but he has been a long time fan. How to describe the group.. folk/indie/gospel artists from Utah who gathered together to create some (amazing) collaboration albums. Some of them were already independent artists or big-time singer/songwriters, and some were friends of friends. Anyway, they were all very talented and the concert was a perfect excuse to really indulge in the Christmas season. It was a lot of fun to get out and do something with Griffin as well.

So! Long story short... when we pulled up to our place, I noticed how bare the front door looked without a wreath of some sort. We have some lights up and all the rest of our Christmas decorations, but I haven't gotten around to fixing a wreath. I went right to work collecting some ideas for myself and for all of you! I love the natural feel a wreath can bring indoors, and it's so easy to put together. I'm a big fan of using live elements rather than fake.. the smell of real evergreen is one of my favorite parts of Christmas.

For this look, find some boxwood evergreen to insert. You can either start with a work wreath for your base (find these at your local craft store), or you can manipulate some wire from home (maybe a hanger or two) to create your own base. From there, just play with the boughs of evergreen until it looks the way you'd like it!

The easiest way to create this natural wreath would be to start with a twig base. Throw a few pieces of greenery in there and boom, all done. :) This is one of my favorite looks.

It's also to a good idea to mix types of evergreen to create a more interesting piece. Garnish with some winter berries for a completed look.

Last but not least, the antler wreath. I love this image and have used it before on my blog. 10 points for whoever can find it in previous posts. This look might not be as feasible using elements from your yard or the craft store, but I know antlers are available all over amazon and etsy. Or, just stop by our place. Every morning we wake up, there are a million more deer tracks outside the window. I'm sure if you looked long enough, you could find an antler or two. ;)

So have fun freshening up your wreaths this year! Hang them on your front door, in your entry, or down the hallway, you get the idea.