vibe: casual chic

Introducing... the intention we have to post a weekly vibe! I am on pinterest.. enough... to be able to find some beautiful images and innovative ideas. It really is one of my favorite things to put together and definitely inspires me on a daily basis. We only hope you too can find some inspiration with the 'vibe' boards we assemble for you.

The term 'vibe' was acquired on my internship with Kelly Wearstler in LA. She is an amazing designer that taught me a billion things within the short period of time I was there. One of my favorite memories was when she had to quickly put together color stories/vibe trays for a client's project. She pulled fabrics, accessories, fashion images, stone samples and other unique materials together in a matter of minutes! The trays were GORGEOUS. I am not kidding. I was amazed with her vision and talent to create the images in her head. She paid a lot of attention to these vibe sessions in order to communicate a clear and correct vision to her clients. It is something I want to perfect the art of someday, although my inspiration might/will draw from different styles and sources. Long story short, I love to put together 'vibes' regularly in order to stay motivated and inspired.

This board with gray and golden tones pulls together the contemporary with the chic. I am loving the light, fresh and classic tones contradicted with the pieces that have a lot of personality. I also love the variety of texture and pattern incorporated that doesn't draw too much attention to itself. They are cohesive enough that they become somewhat muted and mesh together nicely. Last of all, I love the clean lines contrasted with the unique shapes in a beautiful, light, and feminine sort of way.

We are excited to share with you some of things that get us excited. Check back every Friday to see what we're currently crushing on!