4 tips on getting your home organized

Everybody has clutter, don't be ashamed of it. When the new year rolls around, I'm always determined to go through everything I own and find a home for it or toss it out. That might sound extreme, but finding a resting place for your clutter doesn't have to be hard! We're here today to give you a few tips to take control of the mess and make it beautiful.

Modern Shelf Accessories and Organization | Akin Design Studio


We use this principle ALL the time. Whether we are styling a client's home, putting up Christmas decorations, or going through the random objects that seem to gather over time, we love to group similar items together. This instantly creates a purpose and a theme behind your prized possessions. It also seems to tell a nice story about who you are and what you're passionate about. By using this method, your collections instantly become picture worthy rather than something you'd want to hide in a box under your bed. 

It also is an obvious but amazing organization system. If everything similar is sitting together on a shelf, it's easy to find!

Modern Bathroom Tray Storage | Akin Design Studio


Trays are a 'not so secret' secret that every designer makes use of. Trays become a grounding place for all of your clutter. By giving it a home, the mess looks intentional and collected rather than ignored. I love to use trays in the bathroom, on coffee tables, nightstands, you name it! If it has a large hard surface, chances are a tray could work well. 

Modern Jewelry Storage and Organization | Akin Design Studio

Are you the type of person that loves to feel neat and tidy? Why not double up your methods and use boxes on top of trays? Layering these gathering units allows you to create homes for multiple collections in one spot. I love the above image from West Elm that shows how easy it is to create a space for different types of jewelry while displaying them beautifully.

Wall Art and Magazine Storage | Akin Design Studio


Even the magazines piled up next to your sofa can become a piece of art. By thinking outside of the box, you can find ways to incorporate your objects into the focal points of your home. Using the vertical space on you walls also gets the mess off of the floor. Always try to use the things you'll always have in your home (like books, magazines, and dishes) in meaningful ways.

Simple Shelf Styling and Organization | Akin Design Studio


The most important tip we have on getting organized is to keep it simple. Get rid of the things in your home that you don't find to be either beautiful or functional. Make everything you own mean something to you. 

We also love the concept of 'Less is More'. Clean simple shelves and surfaces tend to stay that way and give you piece of mind throughout your day. 

We hope you enjoy getting life organized after this holiday season, I know I do! As always, if you'd like help with getting your home to the point you've been dreaming about check out our available design services here.

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