How to Style a Kid's Bedroom

Today we're talking all about styling your kids' bedrooms. I think designing kids' spaces is one of my very favorite things to do. Imagination tends to run wild, we get to unleash some of the creativity that stores up inside, and most of all we get to work with some of our favorite clients - kids! There is something so wholesome and pure about an untamed kid's imagination. Although sometimes unrealistic, their creativity keeps our brains young and innovative. If only we could all have the imagination of a child...

How to Style a Kid's Bedroom | Akin Design Studio

Our goal with this blogpost is to share some simple tips and ideas to help you style your kids' bedrooms. We are passionate about this because it can so easily go wrong. These rooms either end up getting over-styled, like an adult lives there with an obsession of tiny furniture, or they look hap-hazard and un-done because of the unorganized toys and clutter. Believe me.. with only one child.. we get how the clutter can pile up quickly. 

We're here to tell you that it IS possible to design stylish yet functional rooms for your kids! Choosing great colors, durable materials and unique shapes are key players when you are working with furnishings and finishes. However, it is often the finishing touches or the "styling" of a space that make it stand out; we're talking accessorizing the bookshelf, organizing the toys, dressing the nightstands, etc. Here are our tips to get you through to the finish line.

How to Style a Kid's Bedroom | Styling with books | Akin Design Studio Blog
How to Style a Kid's Bookshelf | Akin Design Studio Blog


My favorite children's item to collect (other than cute clothes) is books. I already love to read to my daughter Wren and am a believer that "too many books" will never be a problem. These also happen to be the very best accessory across the board. Using books on a shelf is a great way to take up space, make them visible and accessible (so they get read), and to eliminate the cluttered look of a shelf. One of my favorite tricks is to to choose some of my favorite covers and face them forward like a piece of art. 

When styling something that takes a lot of accessories, make sure you are choosing items that have the correct scale. Usually, bigger items are better, they help make your bookshelf look more cohesive and again.. less cluttered. 


It is a fact of life that your kids will end up gathering treasures and collections that aren't well... aesthetically pleasing. For items of the "random" category, I like to use larger storage baskets or bins. Storing these items on the lower end of the bookshelf helps ground the furniture piece while also leaving them accessible for those tiny hands.


When placing your items on the shelf, keep in mind what they can reach. Obviously, you'll want to keep the toys that they'll want on a regular basis towards the bottom. This is also true for books often read and the collections they feel like showing everyone. However, if there are keepsake items or pretty decor items that they either don't care for or shouldn't play with, place those items on the upper shelves. It's important to note here that it's always a good idea to secure tall furniture pieces to the wall, especially if you have climbers in the family. Also keep the items up top literally and visually lightweight.

How to Style a Kid's Bedroom | Akin Design Studio Blog
How to Style a Kid's Bedroom | Durable Materials | Akin Design Studio Blog


I think one of the biggest mistakes designers and parents make alike is designing a room that does not have the child in mind. Embrace their creativity, love their personalities, don't be afraid of color/pattern, and love their furry friends. 

I remember spending hours styling a young girl's bedroom only to come back and find a pile of stuffed animals nestled on her new bed and sprinkled throughout the room. It was then that I realized that her room wasn't just for her to sleep, but was also a new home for all of her favorite belongings. She was SOO excited to bring them all into the new room and give them a new home. Now I'm not saying that every possession needs to be on display, but make a home for those special few. I wish you luck in convincing them that the rest should live in the storage basket.

How to Style a Kid's Bedroom | Stuffed Animals | Akin Design Studio Blog
How to Style a Kid's Nightstand | Akin Design Studio Blog


It's always a good idea to include a few closed storage furniture pieces, especially by the bed. This way the things that accumulate can be given a home. Almost every human being likes to have a few things by their bed- books, journals, pens, etc.. Especially in a kids room, this gives them a place (not to hoard) but to put away their belongings. We also try to designate space in the nightstand for docking stations, charging cords and other items we don't care to see.


Be careful not to over-accessorize a child's room, make sure to leave space for them to be creative. I think this really rings true with the nightstand. Open space for their favorite books to read before bed, their recently collected group of sea shells, or a family photo is a necessity. If you do place a few items, keep them functional. An alarm clock always seems to be a good idea.

How to Style a Kid's Bedroom | Framing Kids' Art | Akin Design Studio Blog


Last but not least, one of my favorite ideas found via pinterest is to frame and use their own art. I think this makes their room more personal and more unique. It also gives them a sense of pride in what they created which helps them care for it just a little bit better. You wouldn't believe how great their artwork can look if it is given a proper frame and mat. 

When all is said and done, kids are kids. Help them create a space that encourages their creativity and makes them feel at home. Don't be afraid to take some risks, and don't be afraid to use some of their favorite possessions. Organize the clutter, but give them space to live. Make it personal, and by doing so, make it pretty. 

We wish you luck! Let us know if you have any questions or any tricks to styling your own kids' rooms!

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